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We believe that short-term mission trips are essential to reaching "the ends of the earth."  They provide an opportunity for members of our church to share the gospel, practice discipleship, and serve those in a different culture than their own.  Many missionaries who are overseas long-term began their journey on a short-term mission trip.  Each year we encourage our members to consider being a part of one of our four foreign mission partners through these trips.


Our Partnership: Iglesia Gran Comision

We partner with Iglesia Gran Comision, a young church in Monterrey, Mexico, who focuses on reaching college students at nearby universities.

The Trip: Monterrey, Mexico | March 10-19, 2017

Estimated Cost $1300
Since May 2006 we have been working alongside Iglesia Gran Comision to reach university students, professionals and community members in Monterrey.  We partner with the church to reach these students by holding English Conversation Classes, sharing the gospel on campus, and collecting contacts for the Monterrey church to follow up.


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Our Partnership: Christ the Rock Church

We partner with a student focused evangelical church in Milan, Italy (Il Refugio) that was planted back in 2009. We have been faithfully sending teams each year to aid them in their outreach since the church’s inception.

The Trip: Milan, Italy | May 13-28, 2017

Estimated Cost $2700
The team sent to Milano will share the gospel on campuses and get students connected to Christ the Rock church. Since Italian students are required to pass an English proficiency exam before graduating from their university the Fellowship Church team will focus on evangelism primarily through English Conversation Classes. 


The Trip: East Asia LT | May 17 - July 6, 2017

Estimated Cost $6000
Spend a summer studying language and culture while sharing the gospel on a college campus and partnering with our church planting team.



The Trip: June 23 - July 2 & July 4 - August 3, 2017

Estimated Cost $2700 & $4500
The team will partner with Pioneers, an organization committed to bringing the gospel to unreached areas, to explore areas in the Balkans. The team will also be implementing strategies and doing research for future trips and the upcoming church plant around 2020.